Build Your Big Idea™ Accelerator
Clarify, build & launch your big idea in 4 months.
Launch a high-impact offer you love in total alignment with God's direction for your life.

"Reflecting on where I started six months ago to where I am now, there's just such a massive difference. I started out thinking I have no clue what I'm doing, I can't even call myself an entrepreneur, this makes no sense to me. To now, being able to articulate what I'm about, being able to just share my passion, being able to step into my purpose, I can't believe I've got a business that I'm calling my own, I'm just still overwhelmed and just want to thank you."

- Vanetta Morrison, The Blueprint Way

"Within 60 days of working with Marlena, I was able to secure my first client with the signature offer we created together and within 60 days of that I was able to increase my prices & get that same client to pay my increased price."

- Ebony James, The Empire Effect Agency

This accelerator includes:

  • (3) 90-minute, 1:1 coaching sessions with me held over 4 months
  • Immediate access to my signature Build Your Big Idea™ Curriculum that teaches you how to build, monetize & launch your big idea through self-guided training modules & homework assignments 
  • A private, group, weekly office hours session where you can get quick feedback & answers from me on what you're working on (Thursdays at 12pm EST)
  • My full library of templates, swipe-files, tutorials & guides

All training material is taught from a Christian perspective with guided prayers, journal prompts & intentional steps for inviting God into the process so that everything you're building is in alignment with God's will for your life & business. 

During our 4 months together, you will:

  • Clarify your target market, the unique problem your business solves for them & your value proposition
  • Design a high-value, signature offer you love that captures your genius, aligns with God’s direction for your business & your dream lifestyle + get direction on how to price it.
  • Get your first paying customers without depending solely on social media.
  • Develop your complete marketing strategy and funnel breakdown
  • Learn my framework for developing content & messaging that positions you as an authority in your space
  • Execute concrete steps to take to implement the strategy we develop into your day-to-day routine
  • PLUS the mindset hacks & scripture-based affirmations you need to get out of your own head & confidently monetize your business
  • Also gain a lifetime network of powerhouse Christian founders in the process!

Here's how the Build Your Big Idea™ Accelerator is structured:

Phase One: Customer Discovery
Finally niche down to your dream target customer & settle on ONE signature product or service to offer them. Then conduct a comprehensive market research study using our guided templates & scripts. This will further refine your signature offer & provide valuable insight for developing strong messaging & content that engages your audience & converts them into customers.

Phase Two: Design
Design your dream signature offer that your audience has been craving, write the description, value proposition, etc & set a smart & strategic price for it. You'll also develop your required systems for selling & delivering the offer to your customers.

Phase Three: Launch Your BETA
Build & execute a simple marketing plan to get your first set of dream, paying customers.

Phase Four: Plan
Analyze & pray through the results of your BETA test to inform your next steps. Create your marketing strategy, develop messaging that positions you as an authority in your space while converting leads into customers. Leave with a 90-day launch plan that aligns with what’s most realistic for your current schedule, capacity & personal joy.

If you know you have a God-given impact to make with your business but have been STRUGGLING to package & market it confidently, this program is for you. The Build Your Big Idea™ accelerator is designed to give you the clarity, coaching & accountability you’ve been missing to finally move your business forward. 

“I doubled my revenue within the same month that I started working with Marlena and then doubled it again within 6 months of working with her."

- Taylor Milles,

"One year ago, I shared a goal with you of having house cleaning covered via my business earnings and I wanted to share that they will be here Friday for a deep cleaning before we go to every 2 weeks. But God!! Thank you for our work together."

- Kiva Slade, The 516 Collaborative

"Within 9 months of our work together, I quit the contract job I was working and finally went full-time in my business, got a private office space, hired 2 part-time employees, hired a contract billing department, got my book project completed and ready to launch, launched my community, purchased our first property, got pregnant lol & am on track to making my first six-figures in revenue. I thank God for you and the work that you do, you seriously took my brain dump and made it into an actual game plan."

- Kristin Winchester, Her Therapy Space

Meet your coach

Hey Lovely! I've been in this entrepreneurship thang for over 10 years now, but it wasn't until a three years ago when I said "yes" to God in following the plan HE had for me that I saw a major shift take place in the direction of my dreams. I went from doing work I was talented at to work I was actually called to do. HUGE difference! I'm now earning a living doing work I absolutely love and making the impact I know I was purposed to make.

Early on, I didn't see how the "big Idea" God had given me could possibly turn into the business I'm running now, but God did. I am a witness that He knows how to pull all the unique pieces of you together into one, cohesive brand that impacts thousands. There is nothing like building the business God called you to build (vs what society, the Gram or your scarcity mindset has told you to build) and I am on a mission to help my clients do just that!

For the first time, I am now sharing all my strategies, templates, marketing knowledge, prayers & lessons learned for earning a sustainable income with the business God is calling you to create.

Join Me in 4 months of focused, strategic, God-led work that will change the trajectory of your life.